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After shedding their mating battle, Calliope’s father wanted a dying superstar so you can put his eggs

In the event that eggs that has the young cherub falls toward a post-apocalyptic Environment, Gamzee protects they and finally locks brand new cherub for the its place. Neither Caliborn otherwise Calliope have any recall of them incidents.

Calliope invested the majority of her lifetime in one space « together » along with her other half Caliborn. She’s got exposure to the fresh leader babies via a critical and you may she learns from the trolls and kids through Rose’s journal , where Gamzee voided out main information about L o rd English if you find yourself she deems it irrelevant.

She says so you’re able to t out-of Prospit every the lady lives , a trait that up to now only has started owned by the two other Heroes out of Room. Later on she gives Jane the fresh code away from her juju .

When a Jack Noir hired because of the Caliborn kills this lady fantasy notice, this lady sis too soon takes complete power over the common system, leaving Calliope in order to pass away . Later, she generally seems to Roxy during the a dream ripple throughout the function off Twinkly Herbert and prospects her in order to an area in which she will never be viewed otherwise read by English . While the their soul’s true mode is pretty scary , she takes on the type of Callie Ohpeee meet up with Roxy. She teaches you you to, in comparison to what Aranea together with almost every other ghosts faith, she cannot possess any degree or element that might be used to beat L o rd English . But not, she believes there are a type of herself of a condemned timeline where she predominated more Caliborn and played brand new video game instead.

She actually is later on seen by yourself hiding in identical put in advance of Jade Harley looks, together with a curious phase . Calliope change in order to the woman Trollsona, therefore the a couple of them start to speak and start to become amicable along. Calliope facilitate Jade make a trollsona , and you may she uses the new phase in an effort to reveal for every single other the respective pasts. Jade recalls she actually is out of a timeline in which John and Davesprite have been slain by the Typheus early towards excursion from Furthest Ring, and you can she recalls fulfilling a goodness tiered Calliope in her goals just who explained to their regarding the John in the brand spanking new schedule .

Shortly after a keen unspecified timeframe, Jane guides over the purple spiral and you will fits Calliope privately the very first time, and additionally Jade . Just after a first misunderstanding, thinking the two of them try real trolls, she asks and also make a beneficial trollsona also. Jane in addition to cannot recall the occurrences away from the girl schedule from the first. Jade and you may e timeline, and they just weren’t deceased.

She have a tendency to appears to think about the lady relatives because characters for the a narrative in the place of real some body and you will apparently live vicariously owing to their dreamed adventures together

Suddenly the latest phase underneath him or her disappears , and additionally they plummet on the another dream bubble, where they meet the Approach Calliope stated by the Jade. Calliope has a personal discussion along with her similar, exactly who suggests their become just who this woman is, so you can “ live. ” New ripple is out to help you black colored, making Calliope alone, right after which Roxy appears behind this lady. Roxy presents Calliope on the Ring off Lives and so they get back into program where most other players of your B2 tutorial anticipate – consequently they are welcomed of the Calliope. Roxy keeps a talk with them myself, after which she brings new Matriorb, in order to Calliope’s high amaze.

Roxy simply leaves Calliope within the Jade’s home with the fresh new sleep Jade she try speaking with before and Gran . She’s past noticed in the brand new Credit on the planet C, dangling which have Roxy regarding Carapace Empire.

Identity [ ]

Calliope provides a very polite, cheerful and you will friendly demeanor, and she tries to feel helpful where she can though she try careful of revealing continuously information regarding herself due to their condition. She appears to be some creative and that’s an author and an experienced musician. Just like the way the trolls was basically centered on preferred sites archetypes, Calliope is dependent on the newest MS Painting Adventures fandom; Andrew Hussie features referred to the lady once the obnoxious fandom avatar character. She spends a large part from the woman time creating fanfiction and you may attracting fanart of most other Homestuck characters and you can notice-inserting their trollsona, Callie Ohpeee, whose name’s made to match trolls’ six-page labels (and therefore mirrors Vriska’s spidersona in the Alterniabound), into the stories. She also has a thing for nuts speculations concerning facts, getting back together in love concepts out of every outline , have a tendency to ending up a failure miserably .